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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Summary for the week

This was a slowish week on the video side with "just" 10 videos released in 7 days.  With the transition away from release season I completed one MOC (for now), made good progress on a new one, and did all manner of cleanup & important foundational chores around New Jang City. 


With those couple boxes of parts received from Bricklink, I've since finished paneling off my elevated rail track and dove back into the terrain work for the Planetary Defense Force corner. I hope to have more to show on that in a few days.


  1. "only 10 videos"? That's still a whole lot of awesome. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings. We're so jealous, Australia is usually several months behind your release schedule.

  2. First, I think we all still loved this week's content.

    Second, I personally love when there are even the smallest updates to the city. I love being able to go back and notice the smallest addition of sidewalk/grass plates or plants from older videos.

    Third, I know you have a set list of things that will and will not be in the city (and you being sick of suggestions). That being said, I haven't seen you indicate whether recreational facilities would be included. For example, a tennis court or an asphalt basketball court in the open 'grey table' lot next to the hospital.

  3. Thanks for posting all the videos that you do Jang. Me and my little boy snuggle up and watch them last thing before he goes to bed. Rewatching some of your older modular build reviews at the moment. My son loves the detail you go into and I think I've been converted into an AFOL.