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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mega Construx Halo full Warrior Series review with all 8 figures

Finally I have completed my collection of these figures to be able to bring you all a proper review.  Of course, finding these to buy at all remains somewhere between tricky and impossible, depending upon what precise micro-region you live in.  Online? No luck for me so far.  Maybe eBay?


  1. Hey, is there a site that identifies each of these BY NAME. I can NOT understand why Mattel doesn't print the name of these on the sheet that shows which ones are available in the series. I have only played Halo a few times and can't tell the difference between an ELITE and a PROMETHEAN.

    1. Visit the Mega Construx site and go to Worlds > Halo > Figures. They list every one by name with clear pictures.