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Friday, December 23, 2016

FAQ: Why don't you follow & subscribe to anyone?

Q: Why don't you follow & subscribe to anyone?

  • A:   There are two big reasons...
    1. I work (including the many activities for the "Jangbricks" brand, most of which most people never see), around 14 hours/day, 7 days/week, 360+ days/year. Often I don't even get enough time for sleep, hence the permanent bags under my eyes. So, I certainly don't have ample time to watch other YouTube channels (in any genre), read other sites (Brickset is the only LEGO-related one I regularly follow), catch up on every day's MOC uploads on Flickr, etc.  If I'm not going to consume the content, I'm not going to follow/subscribe to it.  I don't use following/subscribing as a currency -- no sub4sub, no follow4follow, no "Hey you said something nice about me so as a reward I'm going to sub to you."
    2. The stuff I'd be most interested in actually following in the brick-based construction world is other peoples' MOC work.  However, I don't want to be influenced by other peoples' MOC work!  I want my own creations to be exactly that, my own.  There's so much amazing work done in the LEGO community and there are so many specific, repeatable techniques to absorb, that it has to be extremely difficult to watch a lot of it and not pick a lot of it up by osmosis alone, even if completely unintentional.  If my creations are going to suck, it'll be because I suck at them, but at least I'll know they're fully my sucky creations.  If they're going to be good, it'll be because I actually did something that's good, on my own.  It's a personal choice, and not to be misinterpreted & rehashed into a dig against anyone else's choices.  In fact, most of the truly great MOC-makers are so amazing at what they do because they combine their own skills & creativity with the cumulative knowledge & experiences of dozens, maybe hundreds of other skilled & creative people.  That's 100% good, positive, commendable.  I, personally, just choose for myself and myself alone, to do things differently.


  1. Great post Jang;) I understand how you feel, I see someones MOC/MOD and just want to try and build something exactly like that (or modify it a bit) and if I accomplish that I feel like I have just copied someone else's work (although I have, hehehe)