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Friday, August 19, 2016

New LEGO parts collection tour at last

Two years!  It has been two years since I last opened drawer after drawer of Sterlite bins to show how I organize my LEGO parts.  I've moved since then and the collection has grown pretty significantly.  Though this video is over 1/2 hour long, I'm moving through things pretty quickly and skip a few of my less convenient containers that are mostly stocked with miscellany.  I've also saved my spare minifig & minifig parts collection for a completely separate video so I won't have to feel rushed through that particularly important segment.

More to come from this room in the coming weeks!


  1. Just got finished watching the old ones and the 2014 one! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. I absolutely loved the tour OCD overload :) Im just curious what kind of sterlite storage containers are they specifically? do you have a product number? I've been looking but I don't know if they have those ones in Canada.

    1. Agreed, what product number are these? The Sterlite drawers I've seen are not nearly as modular! :-)

  3. WOW!Im speechless!That was some of the most legos I've ever seen

  4. I love your video's Jang!
    Please can you make also a video from your review set-up!

  5. Is BrickLink cheaper than pick a brick

  6. Hey can you share the part numbers of the drawers you are using? Are they the 7" high x 12" wide? They seem shorter and wider.

  7. What are the containers used within the Sterilite drawers used for your smaller part/color collections?