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Friday, August 19, 2016

LEGO Disney Castle review! 71040

After one full day of building and another for filming & editing, my review of the massive 4,080 piece LEGO Disney Castle is complete!  I've also taken this as a unique opportunity to further the evolution of my reviews based upon the past few years of data and viewer feedback.  Though the full video lasts over 25 minutes, within just the first 12 you get the full feature overview of the entire set plus the minifigures. After that I slow down, rewind, and spend some quality time with some of the assemblies I found particularly interesting, looking at them more closely and talking about their builds.

I'll continue to adjust & improve as always, but this will be the new baseline format I'll use going forward whenever applicable.  It offers some of the brevity & succinctness most of today's viewers demand, while preserving a more personal, casual, and in-depth experience desired by the more patient minority that I also care about quite a bit.  Plus I feel far more comfortable taking my time and really talking things through in a more conversational style; it's more "me."

PS: Still made a mistake in the video, wrong 'D' cartoon duck name at 10:18. Apologies.

1 comment:

  1. Great review JangOi do like the new format especially the speed build really sped up at the end of the video.
    Thank you for pronoucing "Vase" correctly.
    Also,how much longer do you think it takes to build somthing in the studio than normally?