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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Custom LEGO ice cream parlor & bike shop begins!

I've been collecting LEGO bikes and ice cream related stuff since 2013, and finally some of it will have a place to go thanks to a new building.

It may seem like a strange combination, but of course in the real world multiple types of businesses occupy spaces in the same structure all of the time, just look around :)  Who knows, maybe some day one of these shops will go out of business and something else will move in!


  1. Hello, Jang! I think the progress of this MOC is awesome! I also think the color scheme is perfect for what you are going for. And I thought that the way you used the micro minecraft heads for ice-cream is very clever! Keep up the good work, Jang!

    ~Lorin F.

  2. Looking good. Excited to see the finished project!

    Random aside: I have a bunch of aquazone and aquashark complete sets with instructions in very good condition if you are interested in expanding your underwater scene in your city.