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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Custom LEGO hospital MOC is done

Almost 1 year & 5 months after work began, my hospital is complete, and it even has a name: Enterprise Medical Center.

The latest video is just in the form of an update, as a proper guided tour of the entire thing won't be started until I can populate the nursery with some of the mini-babies being released this Summer.

Here are some things not shown or obvious in this quick video:
  • The elevator car has four protruding wheels that keep it properly aligned within rail-style channels formed by 1x1 extensions in the corners of the shaft. 
  • The elevator car itself was also completely redesigned from the original form.  To fit the odd 8x7 size, a new 3x7 wheeled gurney design had to be scratch-built.
  • The back two walls of the elevator shaft are solid & connected from the top to the ground.  The door panel side and remaining wall are part of the structure of each floor.
  • The roof over the elevator pops off with the motor and lets you pull the elevator car right out with it.
  • The roof elevator doors are different from other three sets.  They're 3 studs wide and slide almost completely into the adjacent wall space, which is itself comprised of just 3 studs each side.  I hollowed out the space and capped just the ends with the vertical 2x4 tiles you can see on the sides.
  • The flat of the roof is primarily 3 plates high -- white underneath for the ceiling, psychedelic in the middle, dark tan on top.
  • The roof has a 1-stud ridge of protruding plates around the underside edge which clamp the outer building shell together.
  • Though the 3rd floor protrudes far over the lobby below, a little alignment support at the front left corner has no weight on it at all.  The overhang is completely cantilevered off significantly inset 2nd floor, forward-most wall.  It's held up by the weight opposite side of the floor and the roof.
On to the next projects, and hopefully a significantly faster way of building, at least for awhile :)


  1. What is the next project? ;)

  2. Very great hospital

    Lego should make this a UCS lego ideas set

    And the part count of this thing would make the part count of the super star destroyer look like a polybag set.

    Very nice hospital, would like to be there if it was irl

  3. My girlfriend and I have been following your Hospital build videos for several months now. It is great to see it done! You even inspired me to do a MOC hospital (although mine is a mini-modular).

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  5. Jang,u r awesome!

  6. Hey Jangbricks, I love most of your videos that you did in New Jang City. What made you to do lego videos?

  7. you are awesome!!! can you please do a tour of the hospital inside PLEASE!! =)

  8. hello jangbricks my name is owen(age 9) I am am a big fan and I also make MOCS to,every day in fact(although since I have little room in my house,I have to break them.One of my personal favorites is my custom corner store.

  9. hello jangbricks, my name is owen(spelled:eoghan)(age 9)
    I am a big fan of yours.I build MOCS to,every day in fact(although I have to break them cause I don't have much room)My personal favorite is my custom corner store.

  10. Hey jang are you from The USofA or from The UK because ambulances in the uk are yellow