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Sunday, February 21, 2016

LEGO Friends Livi's Pop Star House review! 41135

Ah yes, another nicely-built, nicely-furnished house.  Controversial minidolls aside, has there been a miss in the Friends line yet?  I guess some of the small vehicles have had really odd proportions, but everything else has been pretty strong in my view.


  1. I call the posting of this review really crazy timing, as I just got this set yesterday!

  2. Just watched this video - another winner of a house! I really like the Friends' houses. I own 41037 which I think is in some ways the inspiration for this one. Not a fan of the stickers from that set when they're used for decorating the exterior of the place, but they seem to have gotten better and Friends sets seem more to use them for interior details.

    For me, these buildings from Friends are keepers - give the minidolls to a neighbor and add to one's LEGO city. I wonder if the day will come when one of the yearly modular sets is more Friends themed than City/Creator themed? These small sets already have details that the modulars do!