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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Custom LEGO hospital MOC progress #7

Thank you all for over one million views of my hospital progress videos to date.  I'm still sorry it is going to slowly, but looking back, I'm happy that each update has had something substantive to show.  I'm confident that I'm going to be very happy with this whole thing once it's complete.


  1. hi jang, i do really like your progress on the moc hospital. i´ve got some insparation of it, i do really like the x-ray.

  2. i totally agree, your hospital is awsome and it have a good design to it, i cant vait intil the hospital is done(-:

  3. Once you got back into "MOC-mode", it seems like the hospital progress has been happening very quickly! I like the layout and the fact you got that elevator to fit everything you would need it to fit! Neat that you have a more European design for the ambulance - I guess a US design would be a bit wider than would fit in that bay.

    I have the feeling the surprise you referred to in the vid is a nice helicopter you've been working on for the roof. :)

    Have you kept track of how many pieces you've used to build it to this point?

  4. Please make a mech MOC, mabye for your Planetary Defence Force.