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Monday, February 1, 2016

Custom LEGO hospital MOC progress #5

With just shy of 100 videos published to the JANGBRiCKS channel in January alone, I was able to get through the overwhelming majority of new releases, and I'm down to less than two dozen new sets in the queue.  With that, I'm now able to divert energies back towards the terribly neglected city!

I want the city to noticeably grow twice as much this year as it did last.  For reference, check out what it looked like last February.  Time for high gear!


  1. Jang the hosbital looks like it is going to be cool wen it is done. And also I'm making a Lego city to what should I start with?

  2. Make the car white but the rest i love!

  3. Hi Jang. I have a question about the bathroom on the first floor. What did you use as the stall divider? I'm trying to do a similar bathroom with stalls in a small space and really like the way you did it without using bricks.

  4. Hey Jang, I'm liking your progress on the hospital so far, and hope you see this.
    I have to just say that you should (after the hospital) focus on getting some main base/main ship for the planetary defence force. Also could you do a update to the amount of minifigs in the defence force if there is enough to make a video out of?
    Oh yeah, what are you doing with those aliens by the way.