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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

LEGO City 2016 Fire Utility Truck review! set 60111

For 2016 LEGO City's fire and police lines both get revamped, and this is the first representative of the former I've been able to find in stores.  More to come over the next 2-3 weeks!


  1. What store did you get it from?

  2. It's great that your starting to review these new Fire/Police sets already so we can have a closer look at them even before they're on the shelves regularly. What I am really looking forward to is your review of the set with the number 60112. It almost looks like a tiller ladder but I think Lego didn't quite understande what makes these vehicles so special because they clearly made it a rearmount and therefore this thing has no driver-cab for the "tillerman" at the rear which is very bad and I want to hear your thoughts about it since you've already built a proper tiller-ladder by yourself.