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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LEGO Pirates 2015: The Brick Bounty reviewed! set 70413

Welcome back, LEGO Pirates.  Here's the new big ship!


  1. Awesome review of this much anticipated set Jang. I agree 100% with you on the issues with this set. I expected a lot more for $100. It is difficult to create a note worthy pirate ship. It seems that LEGO is tossing in larger pieces of bricks and plates instead of just giving more parts for the builder to create this set. This is disappointing in the aspect that if you wanted to create your own ship, or whatever else the builder can think of, they are limited to large pieces. I love your reviews and am eagerly awaiting more!!!


  2. JANG, If space is permitted at new place, why not use base of this to create a docked seafood restaurant in your new city. Maybe even a hotel with pirate theme as well. I would love To see this as homage to pirate and like a castle setup somewhere like with a medieval times joust and eatery as tribute to castle. Could even be just. The remnants of an old castle as a tourist attraction. Also a small heliport or tourist company that offers helicopter rides in order to view your beautiful city for all the visitors. I am talking about 1-2 helicopters. I know you will do what you have made up your mind to and I am not wanting to force you but keep this comment for yourself because if you implemented these, what I consider cool tributes, ideas to your city it would be your own touch and of your own inspiration. I have bought myself a copy Of the detectives office now along with one Parisian restaurant. Think I'll get one more of the latter. I've also got the Bulldozer set and the big demolition crew set. Unfortunately I can never build because my collection is scattered and mainly at other location due to my life having been not so stable last few years and it is sad because I wish I could commerce building but I get to partake in the joy and magic of Lego through you and I feel like I am building through you and for that I give you thanks. Your site and work is like the main website I check everyday, it is my favorite of all, and it has been amazing watching you expand and prosper and more people getting exposed to the awesomeness that is you and your work. I consider you a friend although we have not had the pleasure to have met. I wish I could have correspondence with you. My email is legoholicdan at Gmail dot Com. Please feel free to hit me up, I realize it is not likely due to your intense schedule and family life and now on top of it all the move, congratulations by the way, I hate to spoil but I sense there is a coming expansion to the jang family. Anyway please delete this message after having read it but yeah to sum it up you rock man and thanks for all that you do and thanks for sharing it all your fellow Legoholic. Sincerely and best wishes, DAN

  3. Unfortunately I for some reason can not play your videos after they have been published for a couple days it would be great if you could fix the problem but it might be Youtube or my computer causing the problem

  4. I wanted a pirate ship or a Lego galleon style since the first wave of Pirates in the late 80s early 90s, and I never got one, I now have bought this and I loved, I won't say its perfect but I truly did enjoy building it, adding my own touches, or even as it is. To me I simply had fun and joy with it.