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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Mega Bloks Covenant Scarab video review!

If you thought for a microsecond that I wouldn't review the 2014 Mega Bloks Halo Signature Series set, you crazy.  In my opinion this is the single most epic construction toy set release of the year from any company.  With over 3,300 pieces, it took me 13 hours to prep & build, in basically one sitting.  Set #97694, the initial release is Toys R Us exclusive in the US, and the price is around $250 USD.  The video, though, is open to all, and viewing it is free :)

Enemy forces advance menacingly on UNSC troops with the Mega Bloks Halo Signature Series Covenant Scarab! The Type-47 Covenant Scarab is a virtually unstoppable quadruped land walker that supports ground forces by decimating heavily fortified structures. Standing nearly 160 feet long, it can easily crush hostile forces with its powerful jointed legs. The Scarab’s primary weapon is an Ultra-Heavy Focus Cannon, which fires from within a protected cradle embedded in its intimidating front end. Vulnerable to being boarded via its elevated platforms, Scarabs are typically defended by a squad of Covenant infantry while in battle. 
Ideal for ages 8 and up! 
  • Fully-buildable Scarab features opening hatches and plenty of room for interior and exterior play
  • Pivoting legs and rotating head allow for advanced poseability of this epic Covenant vehicle
  • Holographic Prophet of Truth in a buildable gravity throne
  • Jackal Snipers with Covenant Carbines, plus Elite Ascetic with Energy Sword and Elite Commando with Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Final build stands at an impressive 26” long x 14.5” high!


  1. Hey jang, Cool video! Could you give our channel jbbricks a look? Thanks!

  2. I hate mega bloks their name is even misspelled! :P