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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mega Bloks Halo ALPHA series figures in-hand Review! Full set of 8

I bought a full set of 8 pre-sorted Mega Bloks Alpha minifigures (mystery packs minus the mystery) as quickly as I could to bring viewers this review.  I show each figure independently and also demonstrate the enhanced articulation of the ones that have new joints, in addition to the removable armor system.  Which is your favorite?

Included figures are:
  1. Blue Enforcer Spartan (common)
  2. Yellow Mk. VI Spartan (common)
  3. Green Scout Spartan (common)
  4. Storm Grunt (common)
  5. UNSC Marine with helmet (common)
  6. Brute Captain (rare)
  7. White / Arctic Gungnir Spartan (rare)
  8. Partial Active Camo Brute Stalker (ultra rare)

Official description of the series:

Build your army and prepare for victory with the Micro Action Figures Alpha Series from Mega Bloks Halo! Each Alpha Series Pack contains a fully armed micro action figure ready to jump into the fight! With eight different figures to collect, from common to ultra rare, a surprise Halo character is found in every pack! Collect them all!

Which one will you get? 
Ideal for ages 8 and up! 
  • Blind pack with one random Halo micro-action figure
  • Three bonus active camo micro-action to discover
  • Collect them all

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