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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A warning about preorders!

Hey all, a few words of caution.  If you pre-order multiple items at and set your order to "hold" status, to ship everything once everything is in stock, it is possible that you will never get some of your items, even if they come in stock.  Of course you won't be charged for things you never receive, but read on.

The actual process behind the scenes is that they'll hold your order until everything in your order in stock at some point.  They then ship whatever they have in stock at that moment.  Thus, if you order two items, one comes in stock this week & sells out immediately, then the other comes in stock next week, they will ship just the second item.  If the first item never comes back in stock with them, you are out of luck.  It's not in their pre-order policy page as of this moment. I just got off the phone with a CS agent who insisted that it was, until they actually read through every word on the phone with me and realized the glaring omission.  Oops.

If you want to ensure that you actually get everything you ordered, you have to go with the "ship everytime you get anything in stock" method, wherein you get (understandably) charged for shipping with each package. I know a lot of folks use other vendors, and that's great, but this is just a warning for folks who ever use ToyWiz.  Note that I'm definitely not suggesting that ToyWiz is a bad place at all or that you should not buy from them (I think they're awesome), it's just a frustrating quirk with one particular type of order.


  1. I never really bought, nor plan to buy, anything from there anyways. Not much of a buy online type of guy.

  2. Yeah, I usually order from TW, and think they're a great company, however when you pre-order multiple items from them you have to be proactive when it comes how you receive your order. I think the problem is that they sometimes post release dates without knowing the actual release date; which causes people who pre-order multiple items to be charged more than once for shipping, or in some cases (as outlined above) you never get your entire order.