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Monday, March 24, 2014

Behind the scenes: Mall construction update #7

Another day, another lil' shop.  This one's a phone store, inspired by the long-defunct Cingular brand!


  1. Another day, and another awesome store.

  2. very cool JANG! /LhD

  3. Jang I just have to say you are the most amazing lego builder I have ever seen!!!!!!

  4. Man! You really are packing these stores in tight!


  5. Wow jang you are the best lego builder. Are yoy working in LEGO?
    Because yu make the best things. Why don't you make a video about the mall. People will see how it turns out

    happylegopresenter is my nic in youtube.please see my chanel

  6. Wow Jang great use of the galaxy squad stickers! But why is Emmets instructions in there?