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Saturday, January 18, 2014

LEGO Hero Factory Invasion from Below Wave 2 is here!

Don't get too excited, these are all just MOCs!  However, thanks to the Invasion from Below game and the mini-movie therein I was able to make moderately accurate representations of the wave 2 machines & beasts that will actually be released in the Summer 2014 season!


  1. the Queen Beast head is actually a minion beast's (Smaller beast in 44021) head turned up-side down, and has twelve eyes

  2. Those are awesome. I just got my first tonight, stormer freeze machine. I can't wait for all of them to come out!

  3. These are really cool!

  4. I definetly want crystal beast, tunneler beast, and the queen. I will probely pass on the others though. Good job getting these photos and reviews!

  5. Does anyone know when the wave 2 sets will come ?

    1. It depends on where you live, where I live (Australia) they are due in July. I think that in America they are due in Summer