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Sunday, December 1, 2013

LEGO December 1st set releases are official

The long-anticipated December 1st releases from LEGO are now live in the official LEGO Shops (stores and online), in addition to most of the sets being at Target (stores) and Toys R Us (stores and online site).  Sadly, the only thing in the top-selling City line that I you haven't already seen me review is the new Light Repair Truck.  No new Chima sets yet, no new Hero Factory, just the stuff I've already done from City & Ninjago plus the handful of new Hobbit/Smaug sets.

Back to the waiting game we go.  If past years are any indication of what's to come, we'll be seeing the next big drop of sets in brick-and-mortar LEGO stores just days before Christmas, while the official website likely won't release the new sets until the 29th when the LEGO Movie sets are finally put out for sale.

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