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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Four new videos for New Years' Eve!

Happy New Years everyone!  To prepare the celebrations, I did a bunch of work :D  With this batch I close up the first waves of LEGO City and LEGO Movie sets at last, plus I throw in a pretty obvious remix of a set that was just begging for it from the start!


  1. What happened on the flying flusher? You mentioned a missing back for the portable toilet a few times but it is supposed to be fully enclosed.

  2. Hi Jang,
    I was womdering why/if you built one of those parties like the one you built for halloween (with the pirate ship) for christmal like you said bak at halloween you might build like a winter ice castle, atleast I think you said that:-)
    Hope you get backto me wnen you see this
    A Fan