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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updates! Updates!

I'm sorry I fell behind in updates to the blog, but I'm now caught up once again.  It has been a very busy month for me on numerous fronts!

One especially good thing through all of this time has been that LEGO System set builds have continued, and a massive stack of kits I had amassed has shrunk back down to a managable pile.  In fact, these reviews have been going by quickly enough that I will soon need to order more sets to keep me busy until the big Summer release.  Speaking of which, this will be the first time I've covered multiple LEGO product lines during a new release season, so this is going to be truly massive.  The Chima large action figures will be coming, along with Hero Factory Brain Attack wave 2. On the System side, there's a new Cargo line, a Coast Guard series, wave 2 of Galaxy Squad, and more!  Of course there are new sets coming in many other series as well, but I'm going to stay focused on the themes that I personally enjoy the most!

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