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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Roundup for the week!

January 14-20, 2013

I've been going wild publishing new LEGO stuff this week, so I thought it would be useful to sum up the new posts for folks who don't visit on a daily basis. There's so much new stuff that some of these things have already fallen off the first page of the blog!
  1. Bricklink Haul (recorded Jan. 11)
  2. Hero Factory Dragon Bolt MOC update for Brain Attack wave 2 with new parts to make it far more accurate
  3. Polyhydrastocyst HF Brain Attack MOC, 32" long with two heads!
  4. Hero Factory GEO series kicked off with a simple Ball (sphere)
  5. Galaxy Squad series Star Slicer set review
  6. My final Faceless One Hero Factory MOC, gladiator-style this time
  7. Chima series Ewar's Acro Fighter set build & review, a LEGO Shop exclusive bonus
  8. Iris-inspired alien flower made using Hero Factory parts, part of my GEO series
  9. LEGO City High Speed Chase set build & review featuring three vehicles & three minifigs
  10. Another Bricklink Haul, this one from Jan. 16
  11. Lucient Larva, a pretty old, tiny little thing
  12. Cuboid Snowflake, yet another GEO series MOC
With all of this stuff published, I still ended the week with a backlog of completed MOCs that have already been filmed, plus another that's yet to be filmed, plus two new hauls to share!  This coming week I will attempt to get caught up by publishing multiple videos per day. Be sure to keep up, if you can!

Update: I got the three additional lots filmed, so now at least I'm caught up on recording videos, and just need to work on catching up with publishing them :)

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