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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Battle for Kydea: Intro & Backstory

I'm happy to finally introduce Battle for Kydéa (pronounced kye-day-uh), an experiment I drummed up in the second half of 2012 with input from a couple of friends.  It's the foundation for a potential offshoot of the Hero Factory phenomenon that can support story-telling, MOC-building, and even game play.

Kydea is a planet within the Hero Factory universe, but beyond the edge of the region of space currently patrolled, protected, and served by the heroes of Makuhero City.  Kydea has a surprisingly homogenous tropical climate, and natural resources are distributed rather evenly about its surface.  The planet has a mildly saline, contiguous ocean that surrounds one primary mega-continent and several large island nations.  There is a single dominant species, a population of bipedal robotic life that has never chosen to name itself; off-worlders simply refer to the citizens as Kydéans.

With such a balanced & even state of being across the planet, there is nothing tangible to fight over. Instead, over the course of many millenia, Kydeans found ways to divide themselves along political and and ideological lines.  Sadly, these divisions grew so intense through the generations that seemingly perpetual civil war is the status quo. 

The main continent harbors two primary warring factions, the Northern & Southern Alliances, respectively, each uniting dozens of statehoods of similar-minded citizens.  Throughout the history of the war, some of these states have broken off to form alternate sides or non-warring colonies, but they eventually rejoin one of the two major groups in order to reap the benefits of strength in numbers.  The island nations try to remain neutral, but managing the neverending tide of refugees & war deserters often stresses them into choosing sides or taking up arms under a new flag.

On Kydéa, the idea of a future war-ending truce does not exist. The battles have now waged for centuries, as they will continue for centuries to come.  Get involved by choosing a side, or chronicle history in the making as an outsider.  I give Kydéa to the community as an idea to use freely. Make MOCs. Write stories from any time frame. Wage tabletop battles with friends or as stop motion animations.  Do as you like. Don't take credit for the basic idea or any of the specifics I write & show (duh), but take full credit for and freely share any of your own unique perspectives and contributions to or expansions of the concept. Or, just nod your head once while saying to yourself, "Hmm, interesting," and let the idea of Kydea fade away from your mind as a quick bit of entertainment, consumed and passed by!  Which ever path you choose, I've enjoyed the one I took to get here, and welcome any feedback!

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