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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LEGO Hero Factory MOC: Pilox

This LEGO Hero Factory villain training module briefly covers the Pilox, an 8-legged, spider-like scavenger/hunter native to the planet Quatros.  The Heroes will encounter both corrupted and free-spirited Pilox during the Savage Planet missions.
Read on for the full transcript of the narration...

Hello, hero, and welcome to the villain training module for the Pilox.

Contrary to common belief, the Pilox are not spiders, but rather spider-like creatures known as a Harvesters. They are both scavengers and hunters. Essentially they roam endlessly and devour anything that either moves or ever moved.

With their long legs and adhesive feet, Pilox can traverse any terrain except open water, and they are capable of sprinting forward at great speeds, though they lack the stamina to run for long distances.

If you are certified and equipped to battle a Pilox, maintain constant movement in a roughly circular pattern around the creature and disable its legs one by one.  If you are not certified, seek cover in a small space and simply wait for it to leave.

This concludes this villain training module. 


  1. Chronos, Lord of TimeAugust 10, 2011 at 6:32 PM

    Awesome! Loving the spindly, insectoid look. The head seems pretty neat, too.

  2. The BIONICLE heads work really well with this theme.

  3. purely amazing!even LEGO with all of its parts and awesomenesss could not have thought thid up! great work!

  4. This is so cool! And I love the new 'Villain Training Modules', I think it would be great if you made one for your movie replica moc of 'The Drone'.

  5. would this happen to be that MOC you mentioned in the post before?

  6. Chronos, Lord of TimeAugust 16, 2011 at 5:34 AM

    Looking at this again, there actually is quite a lot of yellow armor used on this. I've seen this on other MOCs of yours (of course not just yellow, but other colors as well), so I was wondering: how many duplicates do you tend to get of each set? If you could respond that would be great! Thanks.

  7. Jang! I have urgent news! HF 4.0 has been revealed!!!! 4.0 is pirate themed and the heroes are rocka, furno, stormer, breeze, evo, and force and force XL! Villains are patch, hook, pegleg, and the big guy, blackbot!

  8. awesome i havent been able to see anyof you mocs since august 1 since school started. so anyways great moc love it love the realistic looking bug legs hope tosee a specter 3.0.


  9. Hi jang when is witch docter coming out nice job on this
    Ps i got witch docter wish me happy bday

  10. Chronos, Lord of TimeAugust 18, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    @Jakesta525 Sorry to burst your bubble, but the guy who gave that information admitted that it was false. He said he made it up to test people's reactions. However, the made-up new hero, 'Force 4.0', was said to be purple; Lego did say that they would make a purple hero if BZP (or Eurobricks, I can't remember) wanted one. So even though these are fake, we can at least expect to see a purple hero in the future.

    Apologies for overly long sentences. :P

  11. @jakesta525 force isn't real. he is just a re-coloured breez 2.0!

  12. Wait. What is the "villain training module" and where do I find it?