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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LEGO Bionicle MOC: Lorne, Self-MOC

My latest, arguably Bionicle-themed creation is Lorne, my first ever "self-MOC."  For this creation I had minimal inspiration.  I only knew for certain that I wanted it to be tall and not too thick & bulky.  Oh, and I wanted to use some sort of translucent color.  Since I had already made good use of orange in my Shadowed Vengeance MOC, I went ahead with the opposite side of the color wheel.

Lorne is an intergalactic law enforcement agent.  Imagine the most elite member of Interpol, in a universe of which Bionicle is only a small part.  He travels, a lot!  He may have only one hand, but who needs two when you're equipped with a MARC-12?  That's a Macro-Atomic Re-Configurator device, 12th production series.  It briefly suspends ionic & covalent bonds in its target and changes the arrangement of all atoms in any object to create something new.  The device is always used in a non-lethal way per agency policy, usually to disable key components of criminals' weapons or getaway vehicles.

This MOC was built over the course of about 4 weeks with a lot of gaps between building sessions.  For around two weeks of that time it was standing on the coffee table all complete except for the feet.  I had some temporary duds on it but wanted to make something custom.  I attempted to start several designs but kept hitting a brick wall.  Late one recent evening, I sat down with a good mood and some good music blaring out of the computer, and it suddenly all went together!  Here's his little unveiling video:


  1. Awesome! I like how you used skrall armor pieces as a sort of.....helmet!

  2. Awesome moc dude!Is Zeyek your secondary self moc?
    Just wondering.

  3. nice. I like the idea of that communication device. I couldnt figure out how you did that until I saw Lorne. Keep up the good work!