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Thursday, October 28, 2010


** WIN Stormer or Xplode! **

I'm very happy today to be able to offer a giveaway of two complete LEGO Hero Factory figures, the hero Preston Stormer and the villain Xplode.  It's not a contest -- there will be no judging.  It's free to enter and the two winners will be picked at random.  Interested?  Here you go:

Learn more & Enter Now!

Best of luck to everyone!

Have fun...


  1. I would like to enter but I don't have a You-Tube account. Is there any other way to enter? Please let me know if there is :)

  2. is it free to enter and are you shipping to england.

  3. matanui: Sorry, this giveaway is for video entries only. Next time I'll do something different though!

    Magno317: Completely free; all is explained in the video. I'll ship the figures anywhere in the world, wherever the winners are!