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Friday, September 24, 2010

LEGO Hero Factory villain set review videos

You've seen my LEGO Hero Factory heroes videos, and because of your requests, I've now gone ahead and reviewed the villains as well:

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Speaking of MOCs, it's been too long since I posted some.  Time to change that!


  1. I thought this blogpost was about all the villians. how come the video only shows bulk and vapour.

  2. me again from fire lord review 1st commeter
    PLESE mix the best part of each 1

  3. because you are not doing the review bionicle battlecraft alaxara T9 and others?
    might as well send it to youtube.

  4. Hello, my name is Cooper and i am six years old. My favourite Heroes are Stormer XL, Rocka XL, Furno XL, Rocka 4.0 and Furno 4.0.
    My favourite villians are Witchdoctor, Black phantom, Von Nebula, Firelord and Jawblade.
    What are your favourites?


  5. nice choices. but there is no Furno XL. yet.