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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bionicle MOC: Shadowed Vengeance, leader of the Dark Hunters

At last, this MOC is unleashed!  You should of course read the brief Bionicle-world story of the rise of Shadowed Vengeance, but here as usual I'll just explain the backstory of the creation of the piece.  I actually built this guy several months ago, but didn't have a compelling story for it.  It was one of those MOCs that I started by getting inspired by a color (in this case translucent orange) and just going from there.  When it was done (minus the staff), I realized it would make a good Dark Hunter, but I couldn't decide which one.  It had wings, horns (which were slightly different at first) and a strong shield like Vengeance, but its overall appearance looked way too much like this drawing of The Shadowed One.  It wasn't until last week that I got the idea to combine the two official concepts into one, but after that, the pieces really fell into place with ease.  All I had to do was to build a Staff of Protodermis and slightly adjust the head, and I would be set.

For the staff I again referred to this pic from the Dark Hunters book, since I was really underwhelmed by the official version that was used in the combiner set.

The figure has pretty decent articulation and stability.  The only thing that's really lacking is strength in the articulated right hand, which makes posing with the staff a bit tricky.  The final head came out pretty decent, though.


  1. Nice job, love the weapon!

  2. thats not the leader the Shadowed one is!>:O

  3. carltontristan: You neglected to read the story. The link is bolded in the second sentence.

  4. what are those little grey T bars that connect the fingers to the ball socket called?
    I've been trying to find those on bricklink for a long time

  5. Jang, you are the sh*t!

  6. @ Anonymous December 2010, 2010: Get Hydraxon, he has 'em