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Monday, August 3, 2009

My Bionicle-building style

While I did jump into Bionicle building suddenly and head-first, I've actually set a few parameters or guiding principles around all of this activity to make sure there's some method to the madness.
  • Keepin' it original. While there are a ton of very talented Bionicle MOC'ers out there who do some amazing work, I respectfully make a very conscious effort to ignore every one of them. I strive to make every single thing I create (not just in the Bionicle world) truly unique. To help with this, I seek inspiration not from other builders, but from nature, everyday objects, and individual Bionicle parts themselves. Many of my creations, in fact, were designed & built around a single piece that I randomly looked at and decided I had to use for something, anything. If you see a torso or foot design in one of my MOCs that looks eerily like someone else's, take my word for it, it's pure coincidence. I can't copy what I haven't looked at!
  • Keepin' it Technic. With the probably tens of thousands of System parts Lego has created over the years, it's posible to create some stupidly amazing MOCs. Collecting, organizing, & storing a huge variety of System parts, though, can be incredibly expensive in both time and money. Frankly, I'm not committed enough to take that deep of a dive, so I'm trying to stick to Bionicle & Technic pieces only, with the very rarest of exceptions.
  • Bionicle world only! To maintain a little bit of focus, I'm sticking to building things that feel like they could be Bionicle "canon." I'm avoiding medieval lore-derived dragons, Anime-styled mechs, and reality-inspired vehicles like the plague. Perhaps when/if I get a little bored with the Bionicle stories & styles I'll consider branching out, but that surely won't be anytime soon.

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