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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zeyek, Chronicler of Bionicle

My name is Zeyekti-Iiloptinous Mazzourel. You may call me Zeyek... for short.

To the best of my understanding, I am the oldest living chronicler of Bionicle, though not the longest-living. I've died, you see. Twice. Minor inconveniences along the way, you might say.

I have visited 113 planets and traversed seven different realities. I'm growing rather fond of this reality here. It is... peaceful, relatively speaking.

I have been seeking out adventures, documenting events, and archiving histories for countless years, and I have divulged factual accounts to willing ears in numerous galaxies. Alas, I feel the time has come to disperse my gathered knowledge across a... wider audience.

Gather here and I will teach you the untold legends of Bionicle, of other worlds and other races of beings. I will fill in some inconvenient gaps in the history you may already think you know, and I may perhaps even correct some blatant errors and misconceptions in popular lore.

I do hope you will find at least some of this information useful, if not enlightening.


  1. Hey it's patrinochan, a commentee (lol) of your YouTube videos. I was wondering if you had any other pictures of Zeyek, and where I could find them.

  2. i love this place

  3. This is it jang. Your first post. ;) i'm glad you're on YouTube reviewing LEGO® sets.:D