Thursday, October 16, 2014

McFarlane The Walking Dead - The Governor's Room set review

And now for something... a little different.  Warning:  This is not for young kids!  McFarlane Toys of collectible action figure & display model fame has gotten into the block-based construction set business in a way that no other company has.  They've started with a pretty mature licensed theme, and they're making sets that don't look brick-built at all.  The series features very, very few exposed studs, scale-realistic people, and advanced painting techniques.  Check out my deep-dive into one of their first sets.

Official description from McFarlane:

The charismatic leader of the seemingly utopian town of Woodbury. But beneath his well-meaning facade is a man with dark intentions and even darker secrets.    
This building set includes hardwood floors with two walls, light up base to illuminate the nine fish tanks encasing walker heads, cage, leather chair, end table with lamp, two woven baskets, bucket of body parts, The Governor and Penny.


  1. Do you watch the show......... I hope not. Don't let it poison you. It is a bad show.

    1. My wife & I do watch the show and we enjoy the entertainment very much :)

  2. What is it like to watch it and go to sleep. Scary. It would creep the crap out of me. I will never watch the show. How can you watch somthing so mature and then move to legos. :D no offence