Saturday, September 24, 2016

Custom LEGO Skyscraper MOC #1 complete... for now

As noted very early in the video, this first skyscraper of mine was required to be simple in its design so that I could get it done as quickly as possible.  Without that self-imposed mandate, this project could have taken months.  Instead, it used up about 4 evenings of initial design work, another couple sessions of optimization for parts efficiency, strength, and ease of assembly, a single long evening on Bricklink, and less than 12 total hours of actual building.  The end result is comprised of nearly 8,000 pieces & has a nearly 47" high roofline, not including stuff on the roof.

One down (up?), several more to go.  For the moment, however, I'm going to take a break from building towards the ceiling and do a little more work under the tables!

LEGO Star Wars K-2SO buildable figure review! 75120

With a new Star Wars release season comes a small new batch of CCBS-based figures.  Once again, when there's no human face, LEGO is able to pull off a pretty good look.  This one has a nice mostly custom build and good parts, too.


LEGO Star Wars Rogue One AT-ST Walker review! 75153

LEGO Star Wars Rogue One sets were released well ahead of the embargo date by Krogers in the US, ASDA in the UK, and possibly other places as well.  Rather than sitting back, twiddling my thumbs while thousands of people bought these and all of you chastised me for not reviewing some highly anticipated sets that are available to the public to purchase, I got on it and got to work!


Thursday, September 22, 2016

LEGO Deep Sea Bounty from 1997 reviewed! set 6559

My apologies for the large number of posts today!  I fell a little bit behind and just got caught up.

Mega Bloks exclusive Destiny Sunbreaker Titan reviewed

Fantastic!  This hand-detailed 2016 Fan Expo exclusive figure surpasses all expectations for me.  I've mained a Warlock in-game since day 1 of the invite-only beta days, but I prefer this figure to the Stormcaller by far.

A look through a LEGO catalog from 2001

I still have a stack of these catalogs to get through and will likely pick up more over time.  I enjoy looking through them and am still a bit pleasantly surprised that many viewers enjoy looking with me.

LEGO Ideas Caterham Seven review! 21307

There are a lot of LEGO fans who rejoice whenever something squeezes through the Ideas system without attachment to a licensed theme.  This, however, is very much another licensed product, with Caterham itself pledging support in the early phases and surely contributing some votes to make the set a reality.  It's a good thing, though, as this is a beautiful model that I'm sure will be widely appreciated on the market.

LEGO NEXO Knights battlefield update with season 1 & 2 sets together

Tada! What a difference a season makes.  When I first set up this layout, I thought it looked pretty cool, but now by comparison, the previous look of this display was positively barren!

How I'll proceed with the next season will depend upon how the sets are made.  I could expand this layout if necessary, but if most of the first year vehicles and outfits are abandoned in the show, then I'll just replace them.

LEGO 2016 seasonal Vampire & Bat review! 40203

Well, then.  This, this is weird, i'n it?  Has some (arguably) charming details though.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mega Bloks Kubros Destiny Hunter mini-review!

Here's one more buildable collectible that successfully brings together two of my own hobbies.  Looks cool to display, and I'm happy to have it, but it could have been a wee bit better IMO.