Saturday, May 30, 2015

LEGO Chima King Crominus' Rescue review! set 70227

My first Chima-related video since... wait, since the entire series ended, right?  Why are there new fire & ice sets now?

Mega Bloks Assassin's Creed Chariot Chase review!

I think my video of this set covers it well, but viewers have already let me know that my narrative exposes too overtly how little experience I have in the world of Assassin's Creed.  This cart is from Brotherhood, and the thing I call a "bomb" is actually supposed to be the Apple of Eden.

LEGO City Training Jet Transporter minor mods

The original/official versions of the truck & jet in this set left me unimpressed, and I wasn't satisfied leaving them alone.  I got a second set, my wife built it to kit specs as well, then I did as few tweaks as I could to the new copy to get the assemblies to where I'd be happy to display them in my city.

The funny thing is that a number of folks who didn't like my critical feedback in the original review claimed that I must never have seen a long-nose Peterbilt or any other proper classic American semi rig.  Quite the contrary, all I wanted to do  was add a big heaping scoop of 'Murica to LEGO's design!

Keep on truckin!

LEGO City Space Starter Set 60077 reviewed!

Here's the last & littlest of at least the first wave of full space-themed sets for the 2015 City release season.  All I don't have now is the little polybag.

LEGO City Utility Shuttle review! set 60078

No speed build for this well-designed mini-shuttle, straight to the review!

LEGO Ninjago Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty build & review! set 70738

One last (though only second) hoorah for the historic flagship of the Ninjago franchise!  This video was published to YouTube a night ago and stunned me by becoming the fastest-viewed video I've ever made, drawing 50,000 plays in its first 24 hours.  Seems to me the Ninjago theme is as strong & desirable today as it has ever been!


LEGO Mixels Series 5 review - LIXERS! Spugg, Turg, & Tungster!

One more series 5 Mixels tribe, at your service!

LEGO & Duplo are compatible -- use this to your advantage!

A few days ago I decided to spend a few quality minutes adding some terrain to the Nether table in my Minecraft display.  With the blocky design it was quick & easy to use the Duplo trick to add volume, and I posted a couple pictures to my Instagram feed.  Then I realized, a lot of folks say "everybody knows this," and those folks were probably 1000% wrong.  Wanting to make sure as many viewers of my channel knew it as possible, I threw together a video showing how it works.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

LEGO Ninjago Master Wu's Dragon build & review! set 70734

This is much smaller & less showy than the other new dragon, but the build seems a bit nicer and the value is quite high.


Mega Bloks Halo Promethean Warriors set review!

Nice to see the Promethean faction getting a little more love from Mega Bloks.  Much more Forerunner tech to come as we storm towards the release of Halo 5.

2015 LEGO Duplo Truck reviewed! set 10601

I love it when LEGO makes LEGO products that are LEGO branded :)

P.S.: Yes, I am aware that this is Duplo :)  It is made by LEGO. LEGO is for children. Duplo is for even younger children.