Saturday, February 6, 2016

LEGO Bionicle 2016 Akida Creature of Water review! 71302

Here's the new counterpart to Gali, a Bionicle "creature" that uncharacteristically includes a very good display stand as well as quite a large Shadow Trap.

LEGO Mixels Series 7 MAX combinations

Already wrapping up my coverage of Mixels for this release season, here are the official Max combi models that turn the 9 series 7 tribe members into 3 wacky models.

LEGO Nexo Knights Robin's Mini Fortrex Polybag review! 30372

LEGO had a good sense of silliness to make this severely miniaturized version of the largest launch season set from Nexo Knights.  With a kid in the driver's seat, it looks like it may even be a realistically-scaled (for minifigs) future-medieval Power Wheels machine.

LEGO Bionicle 2016 Gali Uniter of Water review! 71307

Another one down, just one more Toa to go!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mega Bloks Call of Duty Anti-Aircraft Vehicle review!

I picked up this medium-small CoD set about 2 months ago and I finally got through enough of the higher-priority sets to slip a review of this one into the queue.

The vehicle is not self-propelled and is intended to represent a Soviet ZPU-4, a real-life piece which appears in quite a few different Call of Duty games.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Custom LEGO hospital MOC progress #5

With just shy of 100 videos published to the JANGBRiCKS channel in January alone, I was able to get through the overwhelming majority of new releases, and I'm down to less than two dozen new sets in the queue.  With that, I'm now able to divert energies back towards the terribly neglected city!

I want the city to noticeably grow twice as much this year as it did last.  For reference, check out what it looked like last February.  Time for high gear!

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chibi invasion time! Super-deformed LEGO Star Wars figures

Sometimes when inspiration strikes, you just have to roll with it.  A few of these didn't work out so well, but most are just crazy silly, though possibly kinda cool.  I think LEGO should sell something like this!

LEGO Star Wars 2016 Obi Wan's Jedi Interceptor review! 75135

I've reviewed a few of these ETA-2 models now and each one looks like a simple recolor of the last, but a closer inspection reveals new small tweaks.  Interestingly this is the first one we've gotten in this particular livery since 2005.