Wednesday, January 18, 2017

LEGO NEXO Knights Battle Suit Aaron review - 70364

I'm telling you, my skepticism was high when I saw official pictures of these sets last year, but as toys the really work well.

LEGO Technic Stunt Bike review - 42058

Another of the small Technic sets that made it to the Americas this season.  Again, none of the larger/good ones will be available here until March.

LEGO Ninjago Cole Box (stone armor) unboxed

I picked this up practically sight unseen during one of the major shopping cart-filling trips to TRU late last month and now finally got a chance to see what's inside.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

LEGO Star Wars Duel on Naboo review! 75169

Quick! Load up your favorite music player and start Duel of the Fates!  It's time to relive the best part of The Phantom Menace, or to have too much fun failing to do so.

LEGO City Money Transporter review - 60142

Many of you found the police paint scheme of the auto transporter to be a strange choice.  How about a police-themed armored car?

Big LEGO City changes & updates!

Well, now!  It has been awhile since I had anything major to show in the overworld of my city, I think since unveiling of the first skyscraper.  Here, though, I have probably 10 solid hours of planning followed by hands-on execution in the books to make a pretty substantial alteration to fundamental infrastructure of the layout.  It felt like I was taking a lot of risk, but man, am I glad I went for it.  I now have a lot less awkward space and a lot more straightforward, usable real estate within the constraints of my already maximized table arrangement.

LEGO NEXO Knights Ruina's Lock n' Roller review! 70349

I still have a bunch of Nexo Knights sets yet to be reviewed; LEGO definitely kept their committed to the series up for the start of year 2.

LEGO Star Wars Rebels: The Phantom (II) review! 75170

Finally got my hands on one of these hard-to-get sets that keeps selling out everywhere because of the Thrawn figure.  Is the rest of the set worth the price though?

Friday, January 13, 2017

LEGO Creator Assembly Square review is up!

Between the build, filming, editing, about 15 hours of work went into the 20-minute review video alone.  Capturing all of the desired angles with the desired clarity even strained the capabilities of my recently overhauled & reworked lighting & filming setup.  I really went all-in, and I think the subject matter deserved the effort.  Assembly Square is a wonderful tribute to 10 years of much-loved LEGO modular buildings, and yet it has its own fresh & unique feeling and employs some brand new techniques and a bunch of new parts.


Now that the videos are done, I need to figure out what to actually do with the set!