Friday, January 20, 2017

LEGO Star Wars R3-M2 promotional polybag review! 40268

What exactly is this thing?  As of this writing, nobody seems to know.  It exists, though, so I review it!

New 4-wide LEGO car MOCs for New Jang City

It always feels great to eliminate some official LEGO builds from my layout & replace them with custom work.  It just takes so long to build the smallest thing!  I know official LEGO designers spend a lot of time perfecting their projects, but for some reason I'm unable to give any leniency & reasonable patience to myself.  I'm always unhappy with how long it takes to design the smallest thing.


LEGO Creator Seaplane Adventures 3-in-1 review - 31064

Well, this is the last of the medium sized Creator sets for now; just the minis remain.  I can't say I've saved the best for last, but this set does have some nice features with a solid basis for story-building.

Mega Construx Call of Duty Arctic Troopers set review

I am finally starting to get used to the name Mega Construx, and I'll tell you what else, I really like the branding & package design work.  These sets look so much more serious and respectable than before, the consistency is a breath of fresh air for me (as a user experience professional who specialized in standards!), and the slash of orange draws well-deserved attention on store shelves.

A look through a LEGO Idea Book from 1987

This was posted to YouTube for Throwback Thursday, but here I suppose it becomes a Flashback Friday evening tribute :)  Quite a range of brick-built scenic goodness in this one, and another great sticker sheet.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Krennic's Shuttle review! 75163

I really appreciate the very existence of these mini-set lines like Microfighters & Mighty Micros because they're priced low enough to allow many more kids to get them than get access to the ever more complex & expensive medium to large sets.  Yet, each of these sets does stand out on its own as a very playable item.  I might not love every single individual set, but the whole series absolutely should be continued.

LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros Wolverine vs. Magneto review! 76073

Sorry!  Sorry.  I fell behind on the blog by a day again, and one day can mean a bunch of videos! Time to get caught up again right quick.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

LEGO NEXO Knights Battle Suit Aaron review - 70364

I'm telling you, my skepticism was high when I saw official pictures of these sets last year, but as toys the really work well.

LEGO Technic Stunt Bike review - 42058

Another of the small Technic sets that made it to the Americas this season.  Again, none of the larger/good ones will be available here until March.

LEGO Ninjago Cole Box (stone armor) unboxed

I picked this up practically sight unseen during one of the major shopping cart-filling trips to TRU late last month and now finally got a chance to see what's inside.