Wednesday, October 1, 2014

LEGO train Boxcar MOC

Whelp, not much to see with this one, it's just a little gray box on wheels.  Not 100% satisfied with it, but I'll probably tweak it at a later date.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

LEGO Bionicle 2015 stand-in Toa vs. Protector vs. Lord size & stature

Let's make sure we're clear from the start!  These are not 2015 Bionicle sets.  They are not replicas of 2015 Bionicle sets!  They are proxies, stand-ins, objects that represent some of them just to start to get a more tangible idea of how they'll stand relative to each other.

Update:  Here's what appears to be a safe link to some officially released photos.

My latest Bionicle 2015 thoughts

Real, final, official box art pictures of many of the new Bionicle sets have leaked out to the Interwebs and are now in the process of being copied & re-posted by as many blogs, Twitter streams, Deviantart accounts & YouTube channels as possible as everybody tries to grab their share of the views.  I'm not going to follow that trend.  If you want to see the pictures, Google Bionicle 2015.  They're all over the place.  What I am going to do, though, is follow up on my original thoughts that I posted two months ago when the first fuzzy store display concept photo made the rounds.

As expected, the sets are constructed primarily with CCBS ball & socket pieces, a.k.a. "Hero Factory parts."  Again, Bionicle sets are now made from Hero Factory parts.

<Insert several minutes of uncomfortably over-the-top laughter here.>

Ahhh.  Satisfying.  What's not so satisfying to me is the range of new parts, or rather, the hack thereof.

Monday, September 29, 2014

LEGO Duplo 10525 Big Farm set review!

Another big 2014 LEGO Duplo set I had to check out :D

LEGO railroad crossing signals

This weekend I added some smaller details to my custom LEGO city in the form of nine railroad crossing assemblies made in two styles.  They're simple because they're small, and they're small to fit with everything else in the city :D

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mega Bloks Halo Wireless Attack Mantis review!

The remote controlled (RC) Halo Mantis has finally started shipping to stores, and I put it through its paces with a video demonstration of all of its features and a look at the exclusive Master Chief variant.

To answer a frequent question, no, it does not walk :)


Here's a bit of bundling action for ya!  Three (or eight, depending upon how you count 'em) new custom builds to add more detail to my custom LEGO city.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

I fell behind!

Yikes!  I've kept videos coming on YouTube, but I've been lagging on posting to the blog!  Bad Jang, bad!  Sorry about that!  I've had a little more than usual going on in the everything-other-than-construction-toys part of my life, plus some of my nighttime free time has been consistently eaten up by the game Destiny (which I'm still thoroughly enjoying no matter how many people make a career out of complaining about it).

Things are settling down a bit in general, though, so I should be getting back on point.  I'm happy to be finding more time and inspiration to work on MOCs, so there's good stuff in the cards for my custom city for the remainder of the year!

In other news, yes, Bionicle is official, I am well aware :)  My thoughts haven't really changed, some stuff I expected has simply been confirmed by leaked photos.  I'll try to do a small updated writeup on the topic soon.

LEGO Tank Car custom MOC

It's a tanker.  Yup.  Mm-hmm.  Big cylinder on wheels.  Goes on train tracks.  Yessir.  That's... that's what it is.  Indeed.

LEGO System 6614 Launch Evac 1 set review

This was such a disappointment.  Not the set.  The set is actually quite nice.  The condition in which it arrived, though, after weeks of waiting for it in a Bricklink order from overseas.  That.  That was disappointing.

LEGO custom diesel-electric locomotive MOC

Yes!  I've been wanting to do this for many months, and it ended up taking just one evening from start to finish!  It's my first scratch-built freight locomotive, very much not a replica of any real-life engine.  There's hope for the population of my railway yet!  Eventually I want my entire train yard to be completely filled!

LEGO Classic Town 6667 Pothole Patcher set review

Do things from the 1990s really count as "classic?"  Well I hope so; at least with the ones from the first half of the decade.