Wednesday, April 23, 2014

LEGO Classic Space collection progress: Excellent!

I just updated my LEGO classic Space set inventory and realized that between what I've already reviewed, what's in-hand & awaiting review, and what's in the mail, I have covered:
  • Every major-release set from 1979 through 1983
  • All but one of the 1984 sets
  • Half of the '85s
Considering that my very first classic Space review was 5 short months ago, it looks like I'm moving through them pretty well!  I have about a half-dozen '86 & '87 sets in the queue as well, but in the middle of the latter year is when Futuron came in and I'm going to stop before that, for now.  I just don't personally like their style right now.  I plan to skip way forward to Mars Mission next, and we'll see where things go from there.

(Of course, the major LEGO new set release season is about to begin, so that'll keep me quite busy for awhile!)

LEGO Classic Space 6871 Star Patrol Launcher set review

I built this set a couple weeks ago and reviewed it last week, but missed uploading it until now!

Mall construction update #13: Guys need clothes too

This is the other side of the upper faux-Macy's build, the men's clothes department!  The little round dk.tan things are seats by a large window.

Daily disclaimer:  I make videos of things.  I will make a video of this thing. When this thing is done :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mall construction update #13: Going up!

The escalator side of the second floor of my faux-Macy's features kitchenware.

Daily disclaimer:  I make videos of things.  I will make a video of this thing. When this thing is done :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hello, week! Two new videos

Hey everybody!  Got two new videos done last night for y'all:
Addendum:  I've actually had to delete a steady stream of unforgivably disrespectful comments on the Turret Attack video regarding the origin of the word "flak" or "flack." I would like to suggest that interested folks Google "origin of the word flak."  Every single reference says exactly what I did in the video.  Research beats presumption every time (and on my videos, disagreement is welcomed, but disrespect is not).

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mall construction update #12: Smooth operator

This is a very happy sight!  The entire first floor of my LEGO shopping mall, fully populated, 99% covered with smooth tiles to hold the second floor, and all in its proper place on my layout!

As of this writing, three of the upstairs destinations are complete and a fourth is being started.

(And no, no train station.  Everybody wants to see a train station in my mall.  Not gonna happen!  It would waste a tremendous amount of space and obliterate half of my plans. Also, as always, a video of the completed project will be done, as always, when project is completed.)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

LEGO classic space & classic police set reviews

Here are a couple more vintage set reviews for nostalgia!

Since I now have the trifecta of original LEGO space ships, I went ahead and did a casual side-by-side comparison between them as well:

Mall construction update #11: We've got tools for days!

This is the other side of the lower floor of my faux-Sears shop, the faux-Craftsman tools department!  Sorry I couldn't get a better angle on the photograph without spoiling future updates that were already complete by this time :)

Is this the first time I've shown my new escalator design?  This was the prototype, and faux-Macy's at the other end of the mall got a copy of it.  It's 1/3rd brick wider than my original design, but looks much better and integrates with surroundings & the 2nd floor much more elegantly.