Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Still working on my latest custom LEGO building!

In the past 7 days I've uploaded 18 reviews & builds of new official sets, but I've also made time for MOCing!  I've finished the visible interior detail for the first floor of my newest structure and made my first substantive progress on the next level.  Productive times!


LEGO Ninjago Movie set reviews so far

LEGO releasing whole themes worth of sets yet again at LEGOLAND locations and nowhere else, not even normal LEGO brand stores, has put (or rather kept) me at a tremendous forced disadvantage. Many viewers asked for weeks when I'd review the new stuff when other people already have it all, why I wasn't reviewing the new stuff when other reviewers were already done.  Well, I don't happen to live within a convenient distance of one of the two places in the entire country to actually sell any of the new sets, so all I can do is either wait, or pay big markups & shipping fees on eBay and wait.  Perhaps I should get a hotel in either San Diego or Florida two weeks before every release season.  Yes, I am salty.  Very salty.  I don't like having no fair chance to do good work on a timely basis.


LEGO City Jungle Air Drop Helicopter playset review 60162

Months after its limited release overseas, the Jungle set everyone's been asking me to review has finally made it to North American stores, where it's apparently a Toys R Us retail exclusive.  Was it worth the wait?

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Justice League Flying Fox Batmobile Attack review more words!

Jeebus!  Some licensed sets these days have stupendously long titles!  I feel the highs of this set are quite high indeed, and the lows not too low.  The main build looks to be inspired by a ray (the fish) and appears imposing from most angles, but it's shockingly hollow when viewed from straight on.  It's at very sturdy, though.


New LEGO Minecraft sets reviewed

Just two new Minecraft sets have been released this season.  One is pretty good, the other a valiant design effort against absolutely impossible odds.


Mega Construx Halo Maverick Series figures reviewed

This new series is, of course, nowhere to be found in my area and not available from any on retailer I can find, but thankfully there's a combination of eBay and people who live in the rare "lucky" regions that get new Mega products within 1 or 2 months of their release.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Music shop MOC update

As I squeezed just a tiny bit more MOC work into my schedule I found myself lamenting the shortness of "custom building season."  The last big LEGO new product release season ended just over a month ago for me, but the downtime was also abridged by the arrival of the entirety of the latest NEXO Knights series, a number of important Mega Construx releases, and the significant effort that went into the i-Brix engagement. Already the next string of major reviews is due to start any day now.  I thought I had adjusted my workload & priorities sufficiently this past season, but LEGO's ever-increasing rate of product development & production is outpacing my ability to adapt.  I'm going to have to cut deeper.  I must do more custom work.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

LEGO Creator London Bus speed build & review videos 10258

Here's the latest large-scale vehicle from the Creator line in all of its bright red glory.  Though it has nearly 1,700 pieces, its scale proportional to the source material is much smaller than most (if not all?) of its modern "advanced model" peers.


Mega Construx Halo Wolverine Charge review

The Mega Bloks Halo line, as it was then known, started out licensing designs from the original Halo Wars game of 2009.  Here we are eight years later, Halo Wars 2 is out, and Mega Construx, as it's now known, continues to cover the RTS side of Microsoft's stare sci-fi franchise.

I got something related to the LEGO Ninjago Movie!

In spite of LEGO's completely wack release schedule decisions (which I rant about at the end of this video), I have in my possession an official Ninjago Movie item!  Take THAT, LEGO!  You think you can keep 99.999% of the world's population from having a fair opportunity to purchase your merchandise when you first officially release it?  Ha! Your Grinch-like plans have been foiled!