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Monday, April 8, 2019

How much time goes into one set?

On a whim of curiosity, I tracked the time I invested into one new set, Avengers Compound Battle 76131.  To the public, there was a 23-minute build video and a 19-minute review produced, or a maximum of 42 minutes of total content, out of which the average viewer (per current, real data) will watch 11.5 minutes.  For those fleeting moments of entertainment, check out what transpired behind the scenes.

All times are rounded down to the nearest 1/4 hour:
  • 1.75 hours of building & filming in Studio B
  • 0.25 hr. editing the build video (went smoothly!)
  • 2 hrs. rendering, uploading, waiting for YouTube to transcode up to at least HD quality before publishing
  • 2.5 hrs. filming & light research (though I set out to be relatively casual & off-the-cuff on this one)
  • 1 h. editing
  • 2 hrs. rendering, uploading, waiting for YouTube to transcode up to at least HD quality before publishing
  • Unknown hours over the remainder of my life moderating comments.
The two steps rendering/uploading steps involved only minimal hands-on work & attention, allowing me to use this time towards other tasks, but still, that's over 5.5 hours of actual work for 11.5 minutes of average viewer watch time.  Truly eye-opening!


  1. That’s a very interesting data. I was always curious to know the time you spend behind the curtains. I’ve released very few videos on YT, and all relatively short. But the amount of work compared to final product was like 10/20:1. I’m very far from being an expert, so I’m surely wasting a lot of time trying, re-shooting, making mistakes but, trust me, I really appreciate all the efforts you put in your works. :)

  2. Unrelated but thought I'd ask if the review of Creator 3 in 1 Underwater Robot 31090 was lost when you lost your computer to the power surge. It's the only one missing from the last batch of sets that I thought you got in your large haul. I imagine it will join one of your underwater scenes.

  3. 5.5 hours seems very fast! I used to make Flash games, and while there were enough players to make it worthwhile, the average play length was still often around 12 minutes. For that, it took 100-200 hours of work to make a nice enough game!

  4. That means it takes 29 viewers to watch the total time investment. Years ago, my mom told us how she cooked for an hour and a half, and everything was gone in half an hour. I explained that there was 6 of us enjoying the food for 30 minutes each. That totaled 3 hours of net dinner time enjoyment. The nice thing about Jang videos is we can go back and enjoy it over and over for the life of Youtube. Thanks for the work you put into it all.