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Thursday, July 26, 2018

LEGO Minecraft The Skeleton Attack review! 21146

I don't know why, but when I started building this set I felt like I had really been missing LEGO Minecraft stuff.  The set itself isn't at all ground-breaking, but I think it successfully captures a piece of the gaming world with useful physical play considerations.

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  1. Hey Jang! I love your videos and I think your review style is the best on youtube! I have a question for you- Would you be willing to review a lego set of mine? Its set 10123 Cloud City, and the reason I ask you is because I love your review style and I can't find a good review of the set on youtube. Im not asking you so I can get a shoutout, I'm not asking so that my set can be on youtube; I don't want either of those things. I'm asking so that youtube can get an amazing quality review of an iconic lego Starwars set, and I feel that you are the best person to do such a review. I'm sorry that I am asking you this on your website but I felt it was the best way to reach you. Thank you for reading and If you are interested please let me know! -Oliver