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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Beyond the Brick week

Brothers John & Joshua Hanlon of the highly-recommended Beyond the Brick on YouTube savagely invaded my home and alas, I was unable to scare them off with the combined counter-attack of an alien monster and a vicious attack dog.  Thus I cannot stop them from releasing I believe four videos this week on their channel, two of which are already up:
Since you're surely going to go watch at least one of those, you might as well subscribe while you're there to see some much more interesting content once the annoying stuff with me in it finally passes.



  1. First time I've seen your face since 300k sp eical

  2. Watched it all. Really enjoyed it, nice to hear a bit more about the mechanics of how you make it all work. A good listen.

  3. Still yearning to learn more 😂