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Sunday, April 15, 2018

LEGO Star Wars Han Solo Landspeeder de-aged Mod

I had planned to make a (mostly) symmetrical "original" version of Han Solo's M68 (Ford Falcon reference) Landspeeder, but then I started looking at more realistic toys as well as official renders and one of the full-scale movie props.  As explained in this video, I realized this vehicle was likely never intended to have been symmetrical in its factory-stock form.  So, I built upon what the evidence suggested.


  1. Just wanted to say fantastic MOC! I see in the video that you say having 2 sets to creat it is a good place to begin, but you also say that you added some pieces from your own collection. is there any chance you will do a video showing these parts and/or how you built it?
    Again fantastic MOC, really great design.