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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Another big win for the channel

A couple of months ago I wrote about a milestone I had achieved in a process with YouTube that got a little flag of what I simply called "trust" applied to my account.  That flag allowed me to proceed down a path that's very rarely opened to content creators as small and independent as me, and I'm happy to report that this week I have successfully reached the destination.

I have been granted use of the Content ID system, YouTube's semi-automated copyright protection framework.  The system is unfortunately much maligned due to a history of hyperactivity and abuse by improperly-trained and overly claim-happy administrators, but in the past year or so it received an important rework that has made it much more fair for everyone.  Besides, I have no intention to use this thing for evil.  I couldn't get away with it if I tried.  Remember, I'm the guy who got a what amounted to a cease & desist order from a LEGO IP agent for reviewing toys that were being sold... at LEGOLAND. 

What Content ID will do for the JANGBRiCKS channel is provide better protection from the vast re-upload industry; people around the world who blatantly copy entire channels worth of videos to try to skim off traffic and revenue from unsuspecting viewers.  Rather than relying on vigilant viewers reporting illegal copies of my work, and then having to use the slow and agonizingly repetitive manual copyright claim process, I will begin to see potential claims brought to me directly in the system, and I can act upon them with a few clicks.

Interestingly, Content ID is not fully automatic like I used to think.  Though I'm fully set up, I still have to manually activate it on a video by video basis, which means it'll be awhile before all of my existing content is protected.  I'm also going to take care to follow the terms of service and code of conduct in the most strict manner, which includes manually self-reporting any segments of videos that feature content that I did not fully create.  Mega Construx videos with little bits of video game footage, for example, need special treatment.  Older reviews with longer intros before narration begins require exclusions where I used licensed music versus tracks I produced myself.  I don't want anything to go sideways with this.

Though I have a lot of grunt work ahead of me, the most harrowing and uncertain part of the process, getting in the door, is behind.


  1. Dear Sir,

    I am currently working on an article about Classic Space, hoping to eventually publish it in Rebrickable's Blog section. For this article I would love to use some stills from some of your wonderful reviews. Obviously, I would need your written permission before doing so. Would you be so kind as to reply using my email address simonvanmeygaarden at

    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Simon van Meygaarden

  2. Congrats, man! Love your videos.

  3. Jang, why is it that you've come out with new videos but they are not posted on your channel? I'm seeing them on YouTube but not here. It's very confusing.

    1. Maybe it has something to do with what he said just happened, but that still doesn’t really make sense. I honestly don’t know.

    2. I have a couple of theories for this. First is not all his videos get posted here. (I don't think he posts his unboxing or haul videos here.)

      Second he has to post the videos on YouTube before he creates the post here with a link to that video. Sometimes that results in a lag of a day or two between posting there and here.

  4. Wait what happened I..I didn't quite understand this

  5. Hello, I'm a teen fan of you Jang, and while it's not totally relative, I have a quick request that I thought of while watching some of your reviews this holiday season. If it's not to much to ask, I would like to see if you can compile a playlist of your recent recommendations so that I can see you favorite sets as of recent, perhaps 2-4 of each theme, or however you choose to curate it, if this is kept updated, it saves me from having to watch (or skip through) your videos to see if you recommend them or not. This way I can watch your review of recommended sets and decide if tey are right for me. Thanks!

  6. I did not know that you still had to manually do the work even after you got the Content ID. Interesting.
    Anyways, I wanted to see if you posted something about getting a new mic 'cause the voice was somewhat different and found this. Not what I was looking for, but still informative :)

  7. Could you please post some more Lego and Mega stuff on the blog. It's been like a month!

  8. Hello and Congratulations! Just wanted to say that you are our go-to channel when we need reviews on certain LEGO products!
    By the way, my 2-year-old loves watching your LEGO PetShop set review. He even imitates your hands as you point on the windows, the stairs and other parts of the set. He likes the Petshop set because of the animals included.

    Merry CHristmas and Happy New Year to you! More LEGOs to come!!! =)