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Friday, November 3, 2017

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA review! set 21312

The latest Ideas set has hit the streets and it's another one that I was disappointed to see picked at the expense of, in my personal opinion, more substantive and exciting 10,000 vote winners in its review period.  However, with product in hand, I find this set to be actually really, really nice.  As usual my main interest is in the builds, but I can't help but take note of the excellent design work done on the figures.

There does, though, remain that controversial sociopolitical undertone here, and with an audible "gulp" I made the decision to address it head-on at the end of my review video, with my unfiltered personal feelings.  Surely this will drive my subscriber count down since many people cannot accept anyone else having an opinion, but I think it's very much worth it.  I choose my battles very carefully, but that doesn't mean I don't fight.

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