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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's finally time to make that cargo seaport

I've of course been looking forward to moving on to my Planetary Defense Force Base forever, but before I start laying its labor-intensive foundation I need to really lock down its dimensions.  There's plenty of room to work around, though, and I'm not married to any specific shape or individual dimension.  Thus, I must defer to its neighbors to really define the constraints, and work backwards from there.

The zoo has much more than enough space for its own planned expansion & revamp, leaving the new cargo harbor with all of the power to determine the fate of this entire end of the city!

Today's progress involved determining and securely building in the foundational shape of the port, moving rail sidings and rotating much of the setup 90 degrees while adding two piers to provide a lot more docking space.  Hopefully pretty soon I can start working on cranes.


  1. Cool scene and cool ship. I am planning such a thing for the future. What I am really curious about is the see bottom scene under the table. Will that be part of the bay? Or is this sheer coincidence

  2. Cool Scene, and a cool ship! I am curious about that underwater scene under the table. Will that be part of the bay? Or is it just coincidence?

    1. in a previous city update he showed off the underwater scene, it was planned to be under the harbor, not a coincidence.

      actually, i'm pretty sure this scene was under the old harbor and he just moved it when he changed the harbors location.

  3. do you think for the down town area you will ever make more tall apartments or just regular tall builds

  4. You are the best!!!!! :)

  5. Curious as to when we'll see another update on this?

  6. I love this and it has given me meny ideas thanks jang keep up the good work