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Thursday, October 5, 2017

LEGO Life Master Build project begins

With the overdue LEGO Boost project approaching completion I've finally spilled out that bin & bag of parts that were sent to me by the LEGO Life team a couple months ago (feels like a few weeks).  It's my first time really looking at exactly what I have to work with, and the situation is about as dire as I expected.  This is a real hodge-podge of parts from which it will be very difficult to build anything that doesn't look like a unicorn ate a rainbow & then promptly threw up.

I mean seriously, what a mess, and what a challenge!  The coin-operated supermarket rodeo ride that legit Master Builder Mark Roe came up with was amazing, but I wish I could have seen how many parts he didn't use.  I don't think I can dip into this huge pile and make one small thing, even if I should, at least not at first.

Thanks to the fact that YouTube is not real life, though, I can tell you that I've already used up the vast majority of these parts in fulfilling this challenge.  I did, indeed, go with multiple builds, and I'm a bit ashamed of that.  I think I'm going to show what I did (soon, another video), then take it all apart and try again.  I feel like I need to do better.

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