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Monday, October 16, 2017

LEGO Laser tag arena almost done!

Work in progress is work in progress!  I hit no snags over the weekend and only ran out of one needed part for which I had an acceptable substitute.  There's a lot of building trickery in this thing that'll never been seen by anyone, but I'm fine with that as I just want the result to be decent.

A part of me really wishes I could shrink down & play-test this arena with some family & friends!


  1. Absolutely super! Love it (as I do all your work). Just a little thing regarding the commentary in your last videos: don't put too much emphasis on going your own way and things being a work in progress . Those who understand, understand. Those who don't, most likely never will.

    Could be it's just me though: watching all videos multiple times could have fooled me into thinking you say it more than you actually do ;-).

    Ps. If you got doubles in your brickcollection, I'm open for donations

  2. I'm beginning to think that this is simply a money suck.