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Monday, September 25, 2017

Bona fide certified!

This past week I was able to go through a Google-administered online training course and examination to become officially "YouTube Certified" in the art & science of "Content Ownership."  This alone doesn't mean much of anything for the JANGBRiCKS channel, but the process educated me on some of the back-end workings of the YouTube automated copyright protection system.  It also puts an invisible flag on my account that effectively raises YouTube's trust in me, a major step towards gaining access to tools that'll facilitate better protection of my own content in the digital copyright landscape.

Unfortunately nothing in this process translated into any new video content for your entertainment, but there will be more on that front soon!


  1. Even if this certification is only a technicality in terms of status, achievement, etc., I think your channel, already well-established and respected, can only benefit from this additional step (especially as YouTube changes, becomes more "formal," given the general vibe in the nation that social media, while it should preserve free speech, should not be a "wild west" for bullying, fake news, or copyright infringement. Congrats, Jang!

  2. Unrelated but I'd love to send you a minifigure from my city to put in yours, a mini representation of me. Would you be open to that? I could send to a PO box.

  3. Gah, I am suffering from severe Jang-Review-Detox... Some more weeks and I won't buy any Lego set ever again. ;D