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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

LEGO Technic Air Race Jet 42066 review

This build too much longer to complete than the parts count would suggest.  Each moving part inside seemed to be connected to at least 3 other moving parts in convoluted chains of beams & adapters.  Most of the mechanisms actually remained incompletely & only partly testable until very late in the assembly when vanity panels were being introduced.  Definitely not for novices.

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  1. Hi Jang!!! I really enjoyed your review on this LEGO Technic product. I recently purchased it and was amazed by the amount of coverage on the body and how smoothly everything worked. I agree with the comment about the wings being too short especially if you compare to their other plane models like the 9394 Jet or the 42025 Cargo plane which had the proper proportions as far as wing to body. Though only the cargo plane was motorized. Looking forward to more reviews in the future!!