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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

LEGO Ninjago Movie set reviews so far

LEGO releasing whole themes worth of sets yet again at LEGOLAND locations and nowhere else, not even normal LEGO brand stores, has put (or rather kept) me at a tremendous forced disadvantage. Many viewers asked for weeks when I'd review the new stuff when other people already have it all, why I wasn't reviewing the new stuff when other reviewers were already done.  Well, I don't happen to live within a convenient distance of one of the two places in the entire country to actually sell any of the new sets, so all I can do is either wait, or pay big markups & shipping fees on eBay and wait.  Perhaps I should get a hotel in either San Diego or Florida two weeks before every release season.  Yes, I am salty.  Very salty.  I don't like having no fair chance to do good work on a timely basis.


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