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Thursday, June 8, 2017

LEGO Friends Sunshine Catamaran review 41317

This season it's readily apparent in the numbers that fans of LEGO Friends have migrated away to more girl-focused channels, but I will continue to review products from the "pink aisle" that I find interesting.  For example, this catamaran here, surprisingly, is one of the more spacious and playable boats LEGO has ever made, period.  It's a really good toy.


  1. Fans might have moved on, but we are indebted to you for your staunch defense of the Friends line when it first launched to some truly bizarre outbreak of fandom frenzy. Thank you Jang, and I'm glad you will continue to review Friends sets.

  2. I visit every week hoping to see a Friends or a Elves review as I really love your balanced view of all the sets you cover (I was really hoping you would take a look at the Elves Goblin Village set) but never fear, in their absence I end up watching what you have published! If you review it I will watch it! Always so grateful for your content Jang.