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Thursday, June 8, 2017

LEGO Creator Modular house Super-Build - 31067 + 31068 + 31069 combination

Here it is, the ultimate test of this modular thing.  In this video I show, from good angles & bad, the two official super-combinations of the main builds of the Modular Poolside Holiday, Modular Modern Home, and Modular Family Villa.  With this many assemblies to swap around, quickly coming up with new structures is actually a lot of fun.  It's like building with LEGO, but using pieces that are each made of a bunch of LEGO pieces.  LEGO-ception.  Expensive, though!

As I bought three of each set, I hope to make 2 or 3 fully-enclosed semi-custom houses to add to the residential neighborhood in New Jang City, using only the official modules.