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Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Mega" aisle rework at a Toys R Us

This took me quite by surprise.  In the "Imaginarium" section of a TRU in my region I found the new Construx orange taking over the the aisle adjacent to the big 'L', complete with tons of branding, new product display nooks, and even a looping featured video with sound.  It gives me hope that Mattel dollars are really flowing into the brand and who knows, the distribution issues may even receive some attention.

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  1. the distribution problem is a pain the stores where I live ( given I live in Canada so we get stuff latter than the U.S) never get it on time put it this way what ever collectors mini figures is out lets say for an example it goes yellow, green, and red."red"came out 3 months ago we will still be waiting to get green some times even yellow.