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Friday, March 31, 2017

Octan Factory MOC: Roof on & in its new home

I started working on this building over five long months ago, and at last it's able to contribute to New JANG City.  Of course it's not complete yet, but it really alters the empty/populated space ratio in this city.

With this off my building table, I can divert focus over to some other projects for awhile.  Big sigh of relief here.


  1. can you give a breakdown on how you made the air handler and natural gas tank on your build?

  2. Hey Jang,

    Just wondering how much in parts and shipping it costs you to build a MOC of this scale?
    I'm interested as I am building a 15 000 part train station and am wondering roughly how much it will cost me.

    Thanks, Dan - Australia

    1. Roughly $700 USD you can transfer that I don't know what money you guys use

    2. Thanks mate,
      Yeah i'm building a 16 000 piece lego train station and was wondering how much I should budget for. Currently it looks to be costing me $9000 AUD as I have to order in parts from international sellers.

      Thanks for your help!

      Cheers, Dan

  3. I've seen your video and I'm a huge fan of your work