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Saturday, February 11, 2017

One more (big) update on train noise in New Jang City

This is the culmination of at least 20 hours of research & work (plus a hefty new investment in equipment) to tackle my LEGO train performance & sound quality issues that first brought up last week.  The majority of commenters feel the overhaul has changed the game and will allow me to now record live narration with trains in action as desired.  My own position is a bit more guarded, as I don't think the progress was as significant as it needed to be, but I'm satisfied that I made a solid effort with noticeable results in multiple areas.


  1. I'm really impressed with the results you've got, and I have more issues with noise than many people do. In the video where you asked for feedback, I was practically tearing my hair out after 3 minutes of train-noise. In this video, the continuous 9 minutes of train sounds at the start was actually kind of restful. You've managed to deaden the higher frequencies a lot, which always helps.

  2. Can you please do some halo mega constructs/blocks
    But I think your work is great