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Friday, February 10, 2017

LEGO Star Wars original Snowspeeder from 1999! set 7130

Happy Flashback Friday, all!

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  1. Hey Jang great Review. The Snowspeeder is definitely a work in progress, a slow one at that. The mocs out there are incredible at minifigure scale and not all that complex and part counts are relatively low. Where Lego has missed the mark time and time again is the front portion of the craft even the most recent kit just does not do it for me. The kits consistently use one piece slopes in the front where in actuality they need to slop down and out. Its a very simple articulation using only two hinges. The flying plate has not really come all that far over the years. Its kind of a bummer. Bench marking some of the simple and resourceful mocs would do the Lego star wars designers some good.
    Aloha Clint