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Thursday, January 26, 2017

LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE Interceptor 7181 reviewed

Happy Throwback Thursday!  My last time trawling Bricklink for needed parts I came upon this all-original relic at a very reasonable price and had to pull the trigger on it.

Now for the big question:  Will I keep it, or will my anti-hording instinct kick in like it usually does?

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  1. Interesting comparison and review Jang. Being an older guy I think I can safely say that the older Star Wars kits, price aside, had many merits. One main one being that they in general appear to be very gossamer using the medium in a traditional manner. Again making generalities the medium overall was used in a more “impressionistic” manner. Currently the trend of the medium is being used in a “illustrative” manner (moc's aside). Obviously the parts have evolved over the years to allow us to render bricks in a more descriptive fashion. From a 500 foot view current Tie fighter kits although compelling in building techniques and part palettes are more built out. The older ones are very gossamer from a visual standpoint and if you squint at them are actually quite compelling. The medium seems to be evolving in all directions when it comes to building techniques which is a very positive momentum for the Lego brand. The beauty of creativity is we can now render a Tie fighter in an infinite amount of ways. Your Tie comparison very accurately illustrates how we can “see” subject matter through different lenses to create the unimaginable.
    Aloha Clint